About Me

Sometimes, in life things happen and you have no idea that you’ve gone through them. You feel as if this is your last love. As if this one incident is the end of your life. As if with this one death, your life will stop. As if with this accident, your life would change forever. But that doesn’t happen. That never happens. Life is name of the unexpected.
You find that that one person is not your last love. You notice that that one incident doesn’t change your mind. You realise that even after that death nothing changed. You get to see that even after that one accident, life did not stop. It carries on, perhaps moving more swiftly. And you, you are not in the least bothered…..and yet sometimes…these accidents leave you wounded….leave you so much hurt that your life, it DOES change. It changes to such an extent, that you have never ever imagined that you’d be standing on this point, a point which has either more than one doors, or else everyone smashes the door on your face and locks it…and you are left there, wondering what your fault was.
And I, Alethea Matthews, I plan to unfold the mysterious parts of the brain of us, Homo sapiens in front of you, with the mere hope of making you realise that things are never so easy as they always seem. Life is nothing but ultimate madness…and yes, don’t give life much thought, because even if you do, or you don’t, there is no way you can get out alive.
Happy Reading…and love to all.(Because it is the sentiment, the feeling that I crave for the most, and inspite of this, I don’t get it.)