My Impregnable Soul

For Khaula Naxir And Miss Bushra

Month: February, 2013

Before The Tears Come…

And I see you, standing near the trees, beautiful, alluring, exquisitely handsome, shining with all your might, like the smothering sun in the clear blue sky, like a house left standing after a tsunami, like the stars in the moonless night, like gold in silver, like love in hatred, like a ray of bright light in the melancholic darkness, like roses in thorns, like me in the whole wide world.
And I blink, for there is nothing else I understand that I should do.
You come near me and it doesn’t take a moment before I can feel your breath lingering on my neck. And there I am, flying through the wind, with your hand on my waist, dancing on the sound of the crickets.


Depths Of Despair

Rising from the depths of despair
Waiting. Craving. Thinking.
They talk, they show off.
They hate, they make fun.
I resent, I spit.
And with the lanterns lit,
I cry. I smother.
Because life is nothing but a filthy bother.
And I pick up the knife
Hold it near the wrist
And let myself wander in the unlimited mist
Of despair.

It Happens

Let the lights go down
Let it all turn gray and brown
Because it’s all been meant for me
Embarrassment, Suffering, Melancholy
But then suddenly
You come around from the corner
Glowing with exquisite beauty
And in my way you look
That I haven’t been feeling good
That I have been alone
All alone
And then
With my face in yours, it happens
Because it’s all been meant for me
Love, Love Love