Savin’ Me

by Alethea Matthews

“Where are you when I need you the most? In such strange times, when there is not a single person beside me, you think it best leave me alone? I don’t know how your mind allows you to do this.
They’ve all started to make fun of me, even young children. They say I’ve lost my mind since you’ve left. Do you remember the promises you made? They were uncountable. And you know what? One of them was that you’d never leave my side. And now that you should be with me, right by my side, supporting me, you are not here; you’re away, far away….somewhere unreachable, somewhere elusive, somewhere far, far away from me.
You know I am weak. I cannot bear all the pressure. Even my God has left my side. He has left me alone, just like you have. He doesn’t even bother to listen to me anymore. Maybe He is not interested in my problems anymore, just like you aren’t.
And yeah…..It feels like crying my heart out. I don’t know why it always has to be me. And the fact is undeniable, irrefutable, that it is me, always. Where are you when I need you most? Where are you? It is killing me, Jasper, it’s killing me.
Please save me, please.
I’m begging.
Yours truly,
Mayella Cavendish.”
He closed the letter and started to cry. He wanted to go back to her. He still loved her….but he couldn’t. He had never ever cried in his life. Never. And now he was crying. Just because of her. Just because of her mere words that had brought her so much pain. But he couldn’t leave the war. He couldn’t. But he could do one thing.
“Mayella I am sorry, darling….so sorry. You have to get over him. He died…and that is something you cannot deny. Just forget him.” Her mother was trying her best to console her, to bring her daughter back to life but all her efforts were useless.
Because her daughter had already lost her mind.

(This is not a love story that has a happy ending….fans of happy endings, I’m sorry.)